You Have To Love George Lopez And You Really Have To Love George Lopezes Smoking Hot Daughter On The Show Played By The Albanian Celebrity Masiela Lusha

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Fun Facts About Albanian Celebrity Masiela Lusha

  1. She was born in Tirana, albania in the year 1985
  2. Masiela is 5 feet 5 inches tall ( And smoking hot:) )
  3. She is married so sorry guys:(
  4. Nationality: Obviously she is albanian because I am talking about her here get with it:)
  5. Notable Roles: George Lopez Show and she was also a popular vampire in Sony’s picture Blood the Last Vampire as well as various other roles:)
  6. More images of Masiels Lusha here and to learn more about this Sexy Albanian Celebrity click the link directly below
Watch Masiela Lusha On The George Lopez Talk Show ( Great Youtube Clip! )

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 Posted on : December 31, 2014 - Last updated on Dec 31, 2014
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